AR Marina

Marin'Access kiosk


  • Control and activation of equipment (energy terminals, high pressure cabinets, ...)
  • Port receptionweather information, local news, ...
  • Purchase of services car parks, boat slips, harbour spaces, etc.
    - Payment of occupancy fees
    - Purchase of water and electricity for stopovers
    - Purchase of codes for access management
    - RFID badge purchase
    - RFID badge reloading
    - Purchase of tokens (showers, laundry, etc.)
  • Distribution through prepaid payments Badges, tokens, access codes, ...
  • This terminal is connected and allows a supervision and
    remote management.




Maintenance door

Lockable front technical access door with fluted key


H = 1800mm, W = 700mm, D = 505mm

Base dimensions


3 points from inside the bollard

Water equipment

Electrical equipment

  • 1 High definition 10 or 15 inch touch screen, LCD led backlight, 1000 nits brightness, high resistance
    to shocks and vibrations
  • 1 Bank card reader including contactless
  • 1 Compact kiosk printer delivering a receipt to the customer
  • 1 Ventilated thermostatic heater (anti-condensation)
  • 1 Inverter
This marine grade stainless steel CB terminal allows port users to purchase services independently in the absence of a port agent.

Customisation & Options

3G Intercom, 3G/4G Modem (for bank transmission if no ADSL line available)
QRcode reader, RFID badge dispenser, Mifare RFID badge encoder, Token dispenser


French manufacture

french manufacturing

Safety standards


Our equipment meets 
to the same safety requirements

Protection class IP44, IK10, NF C 15-100, Publication UTE C 18-510, 1997 edition, Complies with the decree of 14 November 1988, n° 88-1056


1 year

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