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BE 200 fluid dispensing unit


The BE200 bollards, made of polyester with a white gelcoat, have been developed by ARmarina for marinas, fishing ports and harbours.

They are ERGONOMICS (small footprint)

(Timing, Consumption management, 360° beaconing, etc.).



Polyester + White Gelcoat


Maintenance door

Removable technical access door at the front, lockable with fluted key


H = 1195m, W = 450mm, D = 300mm

Base dimensions

W = 450mm, D = 300mm


4 points from inside the bollard

Water equipment

  • 1 to 4 water outlet(s) (¼ turn valve or quick coupling)
  • Stainless steel braided hoses
  • General shut-off valve with bleed-off

Electrical equipment

  • 1 316L stainless steel water/electricity separation plate
  • 1 2P or 4P main switch
  • 1 50mm² distributor
  • 1 to 4 Socket(s) from 6 to 63A - 230V/400V (on request)
  • 1 to 4 Earth leakage circuit breaker(s) 30mA, externally reset
  • 1 to 2 IP67 breaker reset window(s) on sides
The BE 200 terminal distributes water and electricity to your pontoons

Customisation & Options

No colour customisation
Remote reading
Mifare RFID badge reader
Valve size 15/21 or 20/27 Solenoid valves Water meter Heating cable Timer
White or blue LED lighting on the front Twilight switch or clock (lighting management) Infrared detection to vary the lighting intensity when a yachtsman passes on the pontoon


Remote management of the water and electricity supply to the harbour master's office

French manufacture

french manufacturing

Safety standards


Our equipment meets 
to the same safety requirements

Protection class IP44, IK10, NF C 15-100, section 709 amended in December 2002, Publication UTE C 18-510, 1997 edition, Complies with the decree of 14 November 1988, no. 88-1056, Sockets in accordance with standard IEC 309


1 year

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