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Aspi Fluids pumping station BP 30


The characteristics of the pumps are calculated according to the constraints of your installation.

1 or 2 separate pumps:
Grey water and black water from fuel station drips
bilge water and oil

High suction rate :
How much?

Suitable for marinas:
as it accepts tidal ranges of 7 to 8 metres





316 L marine stainless steel


Maintenance door

3 access doors closed by stainless steel lock


H = 740mm, W = 1000mm, D = 500mm

Base dimensions


No fixation

Water equipment

  • Pipe support dimensions: H = 1410mm, W = 290mm, D =237mm
  • 1 Suction hose D40 length 10m
  • 1 Standard pump connection
  • 1 Stainless steel progressive cavity pump
  • Suction and discharge capacities defined according to
    characteristics of the installation

Electrical equipment

  • On / Off button control with indicator light
  • 1 Service indicator (terminal on)
  • 1 Fault indicator
  • 1 Emergency stop (punch)
  • Waterproof electrical box inside the bollard
    General disconnector 4P
The BP30 pumping station is equipped with one or two peristaltic pumps for pumping waste water and/or bilge water.

Customisation & Options

Thermo-lacquered in any RAL colour
No means of communication
Activation by badge, coin slot, coins
1 to 4 Socket(s) 16A, 32A - 230V/400V + DDIFF 30mA


Remote pump activation post

French manufacture

french manufacturing

Safety standards


Our equipment meets 
to the same safety requirements

Protection class IP44, IK10, NF C 15-100, Publication UTE C 18-510, 1997 edition, Complies with the decree of 14 November 1988, no. 88-1056, Sockets in accordance with standard IEC 309


1 year

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