AR Marina

Beach shower in Fouesnant


  • Round hull made entirely of marine grade 316L stainless steel.
  • Installs in 1 hour
  • Quick removal for winter storage
  • Water-saving 80% high-end apples



316 L marine stainless steel


approx 70 kg

Maintenance door

No door


Column ø 168 Height 2170 mm

Base dimensions

ø 500 mm


4 points outside on the base

Water equipment

Shower head

  • Compact, fixed and tamper-proof.
  • 5-circle swivel grille.
  • Anti-scaling diffuser
  • Automatic flow regulator 6L/minute (80% water saving)
  • Fixing with invisible locking screw
  • Solid brass body chrome plated to EN1982 / EN12164 / EN12165

Push button :

  • Flexible triggering.
  • 15-second delay
  • Flow rate preset at 0.15 l/sec adjustable.
  • Solid brass body M1/2″ NF EN1982 / NF EN12164 / NF EN12165
  • Resistant to more than 500,000 operations

Electrical equipment


fouesnantaise ar marina beach shower
Shower in stainless steel 316L (marine quality), designed for indoor or outdoor use for communities: beaches, campsites, swimming pools, leisure centres, etc.

Customisation & Options

No colour customisation
No means of communication
No means of payment or control
1 to 4 shower heads 1 to 3 foot rinses


French manufacture

french manufacturing

Safety standards


Our equipment meets 
to the same safety requirements

Resistance to neutral salt spray (NSS): 200 h according to NF ISO 9227


1 year

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