AR Marina

Aspi Fluids pumping station BP 11


Environment :
This pumping station has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the quality labels: Blue Flag and Clean port.

Easy to move and use:
It is equipped with rubber wheels, so that it can be easily moved to its place of use.
The BP11 is easy to use, compact and highly functional.



Black PVC


empty: 60Kg

Maintenance door

No door


H = 1386mm, W = 800mm, D = 817mm

Base dimensions


No fixation

Water equipment

  • Pipe support dimensions: H = 1410mm, W = 290mm, D =237mm
  • Condensate trap.
  • 100L PVC tank
  • Suction hose diameter 25mm, length 10m
  • 25mm diameter delivery hose, length 2 metres
  • 1 Connector for the toilet
  • 1 Set of oil sensors

Electrical equipment

  • Single-phase power supply 220/230V.
  • Cable length 5m. Waterproof male plug.
  • 1 Electrical control box with thermal protection
  • Carbon filter at the suction side.
The BP11 bollard marketed by ARmarina for marinas and river stops is a mobile pumping station.

Customisation & Options

No colour customisation
No means of communication


French manufacture

french manufacturing

Safety standards


Our equipment meets 
to the same safety requirements

In accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, In accordance with the Low Voltage Safety Directive 73/23/EC


1 year

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