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AR Marina's intelligent kiosks take over ports

Read this article published in Le télégramme on 4 April 2024!

Here is an extract:

By Olivier Desveaux

For the past fifteen years, ArMarina, a company based in Concarneau, has been deploying its marina management tools throughout France. Business has been boosted by strong demand for its energy distribution terminals.

At a time when energy costs are under pressure, managing electricity consumption is a major issue in marinas too. ArMarina, a company based in Concarneau, is riding this wave, doubling its turnover in the space of a year to €3.3m by 2023.

photo armarina telegram
Florian Cosmao, Managing Director of ArMarina, in front of the terminals installed along the Nantes-Brest canal: "When we equip a port, electricity bills can be halved from day one" (Photo Olivier Desveaux)

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