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Work on the pontoons at Loctudy marina is complete

Read this article published in Le télégramme on 4 April 2024!

Here is an extract:

A reception was held on Tuesday 26 March for the work carried out at Loctudy marina. New works will begin next year.

Most of the facilities at Loctudy marina date back to its creation in 1990. As the marine environment is far from neutral, the pontoons and chains needed replacing, as did the electrical terminals and networks, which were no longer up to standard. The work, which began in 2021 with the refurbishment of pontoons B and C, continued with the replacement of all the pontoons in the main harbour and the installation of gates and access control to these pontoons. The chain harbour facilities were also reinforced and all the networks and bollards refurbished.

photo télégramme ar marina loctudy
On Tuesday 26 March, local councillors, companies and the marina team gathered to mark the completion of work on the Loctudy marina, due to start in 2021.

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