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Redevelopment of the Sillery boat stop!

We're delighted to share one of our projects with you: the installation of water and electricity access and distribution points at the Sillery nautical rest stop. 🛥️ ⚓ 💡
To meet the need for 24-hour autonomous management and to provide concrete measures to support better resource management, we have installed equipment that can be controlled from a smartphone.
With the boom in river tourism, it's essential to offer accessible and reliable access and fuelling infrastructures. Thanks to our QIPEO mobile application, the integration of an optical QR-Code access reader and a box that can accommodate an ADSL/4G router, we can offer stand-alone 100% solutions.
By providing intelligent terminals, we are encouraging boaters to opt for responsible water and electricity management solutions.
Not only will these electric charging points provide added convenience for boaters by allowing them to recharge their boats easily, they will also enhance the appeal of the marina as a resource-friendly destination.
We look forward to continuing to work together to move marinas and river stops towards a more sustainable and eco-responsible future.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates! ⛵

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